PLSC 201 Botany II



This course will introduce the students to the diversity of the plant kingdom and to the concepts of the evolutionary process and derived characteristics used to identify and build the green lineages in the tree of life. Throughout the course, participating students will learn botanical terms and scientific names of various groups of plants, and build scientific vocabularies describing specific life styles and structural characteristics unique to each phylogenetic group. This course will help students gain introductory proficiency and competency in botany, the biology of plants. By the end of the class, students should be ready to take on upper level plant science, horticulture, agriculture, environmental sciences,  or ecology courses and out-of-class research/internship activities or experiences.


Course Materials: available for participating students through Canvas@UD Learning Management System

PLSC 675 Current Topics of Plant Biology



Current Topics of Plant Biology (PLSC 675) is a journal club class for graduate students (and postdocs) who are seeking an opportunity to sharpen their skills in critical reading and live discussion. The purpose of this class is to expose the students to the research fields outside of their main focal areas. It emphasizes the full engagement of students in identifying key questions and the appropriateness of methodological approaches of the selected papers through their informal presentations and active participations in discussion.

PLSC/ANSC-471/671 Paradigms in Cell Signaling



The purpose of this course is to present the students with some of the key molecular components and mechanisms by which both animal and plant cells respond to specific stimuli to activate the expression of specific genes and relay the signals between cells. The course will be primary literature based and will focus on central mechanisms of cell-to-cell signaling and intracellular signal transduction pathways that are both unique and common to plant and animal systems. The course will be composed of lectures and discussions led by Drs. Lee (PLSC) and Parcells (ANSC) and will feature invited speakers and student presentations.